Being Here

Fake beach

I have decided the best way to recap this strange and wonderful vacation is to take it day and by day and pick out the best thing.
I think the best thing about Day 1 of Oahu was just being there. It took such a long time to make the trip it was worth it just to breathe upon landing. I don’t know if that will ever make sense even to myself. We started the travel at three am and didn’t stop until nearly 36 hours later. Then, of course, it was time to put on the family face and have dinner with the in-laws. Say more? I don’t think so.

I hate to say it this way because it sounds so negative but truth must be told. My first impression of Waikiki and present company was fake. Fake sand. Fake sentiment. I’m sure I was overtired but when my sister-in-law launched into her bag of facts to communicate I knew exactly how the rest of the trip would be: deep breaths and quiet competition. ‘Yes, I know’ became a pretty common reply until it dissolved into barely a head nod of acknowledgment. I may not have grown up here, but I know something about where I stand. Please.

Note to self for next time: first day? Order room service.

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One thought on “Being Here

  1. sarahwrites2

    and nap šŸ™‚

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