Drinking It In and Just Drinking

I don’t know how I am going to write about the Hawaiian vacation. I have several ideas and truly I’m not sure I like any of them. One was to post a picture a day and just write about the image. But! But. But, I took over 2,000 pictures. No way. Another was to go through “the lists” (verb & scavenger hunts) and recap that way. But, there were a lot of things on those lists and surely I can’t recap them all? Or can I?

This was a holiday unlike any I have ever had before. I was stressed out and happy. Calm and calamitous. Free and restricted. Beautiful and ugly. Everything. All at the same time. I saw things I have never seen before and did things I have never done before. Yet, at the same time, I revisited some activities previously taken for granted and/or lost to a younger time. I found myself in the culture of the people and lost my soul in the beauty of the place. There is so much to talk about I simply don’t know where to start.

I guess I’ll figure it out. Somehow.

My final idea for writing about all this is to write in chronological order. This happened first…and this happened and then this. It might be as exciting but at least there will be a beginning and an end to the madness. Or so I hope.

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