A Plan Makes Reality

When Kisa and I bought Hilltop we declared it MIR – move-in ready. We didn’t need to do a thing. It was perfect. Perfect until we peering looking in dark corners and peeling back the pretty facade. We always knew it needed new siding. Soon we discovered just how much. Then came new gutters, a back deck overhaul and a new drainage system. Little things cropped up, things like replacing the back slider (twice!), the water heater, the pool liner, the central vac hose…Okay, so no longer perfect but still a dream home by all accounts.

Then I started to despise and adore one particular room. The kitchen. Now the more I try to cook in this designated area the more my love-hate relationship grows. Little by little I find fault upon fault with my culinary domain and yet it’s one of the better kitchens I have ever cooked in. The state of the art microwave hangs too low over the stove (the electric stove for pete’s sake!) – so low I can’t steam a bunch of lobster or boil a huge pot of pasta. The corner sink is not only incredibly teeny tiny, it’s in the darkest part of the room. If Kisa empties the dishwasher I am useless in the kitchen with him. I can open and close the fridge door to my heart’s content but the dishwasher is blocking access to the sink, the stove and to the counter where I do most of my prep work. The appliances are not (gasp!) energy star. The fridge door dispenses water but not ice. The ice maker works but has no place to spit the ice. I could go on and on about this catastrophe of a beautiful kitchen. Ranting doesn’t really help.

But. A plan does. We just refinanced our mortgage, saving us a few bucks each month. By my calculations by this time next year we can afford to reno the entire kitchen. If done right we could (potentially) flip the entire space. Instead of a claustrophobia-inducing peninsula, picture this: a space-freeing island  complete with electricity, storage and seating for four. Instead of cramped, narrow cabinets, I see a floor to ceiling pantry. Instead of a tiny kitty-corner sink suitable for washing a rat, imagine, if you will, a huge farmer’s drop sink. New floors (forgot to mention that whoever installed our current tile “cheated” by not tiling under the counters OR appliances). Of course we’ll need new lighting. Maybe knock out a wall. Definitely new appliances that actually do what they’re supposed to…I could go on and on.

We have been talking about renovating the kitchen for nearly two years. Talk, talk, talk about it is all we ever do. But, by putting away new-found money, researching ideas and coming up with a plan we have taken a step towards making this dream a reality. In my mind a plan makes reality!

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