Lost Latitude

I didn’t work on the Promises list all that much this last week. For starters it was that time of the month. Once a month I would rather curl up in a ball with a hot water bottle held against my stomach and a cold vodka bottle pressed to my lips. Cramps. Nausea. Bloating. Bleeding. All of it sucks.

The week wasn’t a complete wash. I did manage one elliptical and two runs totaling 6.13 miles. I’ve been concentrating on speed rather than distance if only to get myself out of the weeds. I convinced myself to lift four of the seven days and decided that military pushups are much easier than cobras. I can do 25 military and only 3 cobras! Yikes and yikes. Yoga was decent. For every day that I ran I was loyal to stretching out the hips and holding poses that would be kind to my legs – killer sessions of 20 minutes per side. I am shocked by the muscle definition in my calves and (this week) spent a lot of time double checking them to make sure I wasn’t mutating.

I started writing Just Cause thank you letters in earnest. A good, good friend donated last week completely out of the blue. With everything this woman has going on I was shocked by her generosity and humbled when she said “my mother is dying. just felt like honoring her.” Damn. It’s my favorite donation by far.It just goes to show people can surprise you. In good ways.

On the other hand, I let a few (in)significant dates roll by me: a birthday, an anniversary. I’m learning that an empty room doesn’t open the door so why knock? I don’t. That decision alone has freed me of guilt. Can’t wait to see what other things I let go of in the future. Maybe the Mother Math?

Lastly. I’m packed for Hawaii. It took some doing but I found something that could pass for “Aloha wear.” Something gauzy and colorful and totally not me. I compensated that frivolous purchase with something more my speed – Merrell’s Barefoot Pace Glove shoes. Black. Of course. As SPB would say, “Sah-weeet!” I’m looking forward to giving them a test spin. Stay tuned.

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