Is This Normal?

My sister has always said she has the attention span of a flea. Not knowing that much about fleas I don’t really know what that means. I’m guessing she has an incredibly small or short attention span. Just guessing.

Although I could guess at what she was getting at I didn’t really relate until today. I’ve been drinking a ton of water lately. Needless to say it’s been making me pee more often. While the bathroom is just a few steps away from my office I never really noticed how much time it takes out of my day. It’s getting to be near the end of the fiscal year which means end-of-year reports are due. Soon. I am swamped with work. So, all these trips to the bathroom are cutting into my time; precious time that I could be doing something else.

During this last trip I really wished there was something else I could be doing at the same time. I am a huge multitasker and couldn’t help thinking the toilet would be a perfect place to get something else. But what? I contemplated some invisible speed bag work. My arms would get a workout at the very least. I contemplated picking a scab on my leg but that wouldn’t be productive. Finally I decided there was nothing I could do about the waste of time in the wasteland. Such a shame.

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2 thoughts on “Is This Normal?

  1. with as much water as i drink and as often as i have to go i wish there was some sort of workout to do! but since there really isn’t (at least not that i can think of) i typically just catch up on my words with friends games.

    • HA! I’ve thought about bringing a good book, filing my nails, texting, bringing a to do list….It’s amazing how restless I am during the mere minute I’m in the bathroom!

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