Ten Commandments Still Commanding

It’s hard to believe another week has gone by. Where is the time going? This was a good week for almost all of my commandments. There’s always that one that slips through the cracks!

  1. Yoga – I fell off the mat a little with this one. I did some kind of lame stretching after every single work out session (six days this week) but nothing in the way of a formal yoga routine. After my “long” run yesterday I found myself in my favorite pigeon pose for ten minutes. Just sort of spaced out lying there. I wish I could do that all the time.
  2. Run – 10.32 miles this week. Again, not near the 15 I originally wanted, but there is a consistency to the run and absolutely no pain anywhere. Those two things are major and need to be successful in order for this recovery to work.
  3. Elliptical – Just twice. I found myself watching one of those crazy “Housewives of…” shows and decided my life is nowhere near as nuts as those bitches.
  4. Strength training – not with a professional at all this week but managed six days of weight/body specific training. My abs hurt. My arms hurt. My legs hurt. My butt hurts. Everything hurts but in a really, really good way. I think the moving of the winter woodpile added to it. Thankfully, tonight is a night off while I work my second (consulting) job).
  5. Reading – finally set up a good reading routine and have to admit I am totally digging this love story set in 14th century Norway. Who knew? I’m also reading Waterlogged by Tim Noakes, MD. It’s about over-hydrating in endurance sports…
  6. Cooking – the new ingredient of the week is RED quinoa. Made a kickazz salad with quinoa, grilled chicken, cucumbers, leeks, red onion, lime, cilantro, cumin, carrot curls, hot sauce and feta (because I didn’t have a Mexican cheese on hand). I’m sure it would be just as yummy with an Italian spin or even a Greek favor profile. Kisa said, “Yup. You can make this one again.” Not bad for someone who traditionally poo-poos salads as the main meal.
  7. Letters to friends – only wrote one friend this week. It started out as a funny (and a little raunchy) card but I ran out of room so I had to keep writing on another card with a “read second” on the envelope. Then, because I thought of one more thing to say I added a postcard. Someone’s going to have a good mail day soon. LOL
  8. Red hot – did some Zappos shopping for new zippy heels and ended up finding some cool amphibian shoes for HI.
  9. Tattoo – rethinking product placement.
  10. Courage – scheduled the helicopter ride.
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