Promises, Promises

Previously I had listed the ten commandments to taking back my life and despite a small diversion to Maine I am thrilled to say I have made progress. To recap the ten with this week’s progress:

  1. Yoga (15 minutes a day) – did a combination of strength, balance and poses specific to running on five different days
  2. Run (15 miles a week) ~ only ran 5.14 miles but it’s a start
  3. Elliptical (2x a week) ~ made it on the beast thrice this week plus a three mile hike on Saturday
  4. Strength train (2x a week) ~ worked legs 2xs, arms 2xs, abs 2xs and back 2xs
  5. Read ~ slow to establish a real reading routine thanks to SYTYCD but I am almost finished with A River Runs Through It by Norman Maclean.
  6. Cooking – new ingredient/new recipe ~ no new ingredients used yet but I did make a cowboy pasta that was new. All the meals made this week have been totally out of the box because we haven’t gone grocery shopping in over three weeks.
  7. Letters to friends ~ wrote three Just ‘Cause letters, one anniversary card & one I miss the crap out of you letter. Most had special surprises in them. The JC cards were not as special because the postcards aren’t ready yet.
  8. Red Hot ~ scheduled the waxing for the youknowwhere
  9. Tattoo ~ this will wait for Hawaii but Kisa and I started looking at shops and have narrowed down the day…and the inking spot
  10. Courage ~ still working on this; blog to come
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