Make It Happen

I want to run while away. It never was on any “life list” of mine, but. But! But, wouldn’t it be cool to run a race in Hawaii? Run something important to someone. The military reunion has organized a “fun run” for those interested. I’m not fun at this moment, nor am I interested. I do want to run. I want to run something that gives back, something that gives my legs meaning. I don’t run for fun. I run for hope and the promise of something better.

I found Ryan’s Run. Not only is it a charity event it’s a cancer charity event. Not only is it a cancer charity event it’s a cancer charity event for children. It’s the only charity run scheduled for June. It’s even on the same island I’ll be on. It’s at a time when nothing else will be scheduled (except sleep). There are no other running events scheduled during my time in the Hawaiian archipelagos. None that fit the itinerary as well. Nothing as perfect as this. Now I just need to make it happen. Except questions need to be answered.

  • Does it really take 30 minutes to get from base to race?
  • Where the hell is Mokule’ia anyway?
  • Does the race really start at 7:30am?
  • Will it take 30 minutes to get from race to base at 8:30am?
  • Can we get back on base without an escort?

I want to say yes, I can do this run. If it’s a go it would mean so much to me, myself and moi. I’ll contact the race director and pick the brain of my father-in-law. We’ll see.

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