We’ll Wear No Underwear

Oddly enough my mind is on undergarments today. I’m remembering Natalie on the Rosie show when she sang the misheard lyrics, “You’ll need no underwear this time.” She was instantly embarrassed because she thought she had said something off-color.
But really, this thought process started with a training walk I did with the Rabbit. After 14 miles I went home and found that I wore the wrong underwear. I had a big old chafe down there. Nothing too shocking but it made sitting down very interesting the next day. Lesson learned. Now you know why I went for skorts this year on the Just ‘Cause walk. Eight months ago I threw out all my ancient s!rsy  thongs and have been wearing a new style, one that is not conducive to a healthy, injury-free walk of that length.  So I learned.
The day before the walk, the day we were leaving town with Rabbit behind the wheel I heard her exclaim, “we have to go back!” She had forgotten to pack underwear. Every other forgotten item was forgivable, but NOT that! Back we went.

Interesting thing about underwear. I’m packing for Hawaii in my head and already I’m thinking about the undergarments. I’m thinking I need to go shopping. Maybe pick up something where the upstairs matches the downstairs? The only time in my life I’ve worn matching sets (ever) I was all of seventeen and thinking sexy. Now it’s easier to think nothing at all. Is that wrong of me? Maybe Natalie had the right idea – “And you’ll need no underwear this time!”

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