So Many Sisters

The Just ‘Cause Walk hasn’t been over for 48  hours yet and already I am thinking about next year. It’s crazy! I have so many sisters! I am in awe of just how much I walk away with every year. For every sister I have gained I have at least ten stories. For every story I have at least a hundred laugh-out-loud moments. For every LOL I have at least a thousand heart-felt connections. 100,000,000 memories of a time well spent.

This isn’t isn’t a blog about the walk itself. I haven’t been able to process everything just yet. The events of May 18th – 20th, 2012 still have my head reeling. I need time to reflect. I need time to let the tangle of emotions untie themselves. Don’t worry, I will sift through the memories and write about the ones that resonated the loudest, touched me the deepest, moved me the most. There are many.

This blog is only to say I am home again and I have survived. Three small blisters (which I don’t even feel today) and lower back pain. The LBP is not a product of the walk. I had it for three days leading up to the walk, oddly enough. While it mysteriously went away for Friday, Saturday and Sunday it came back with a vengeance Monday morning. I could barely move. I hobbled like a Just ‘Cause first-timer! Today, thanks to Vitamin Advil I am feeling better. Science is good.

And a postscript ~ many, many thanks to Deb and Heather for their post-walk donations. Never will I find more true women. You do what you say and say what you mean and I love you for that. xoxox


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