Until the Last Minute

There is nothing like waiting until the last minute to really set a fire under your ass. So. I leave for the Just ‘Cause 60-mile walk tonight. I have to work a full day so of course there isn’t time to do much more than review my suitcase contents, kiss the cats goodbye and turn off the lights.

Last night was the only night to get things done and of course I added more to the list than was really necessary. For starters I decided I needed a new hydration belt. Not for hydrating on the walk, mind you. No, I insisted I needed a new belt because my phone won’t fit into the old New Balance one. Obviously I have my priorities straight – phone over water. Three stores later and we found one. Success.
Then I decided I didn’t want to wear shorts on the walk. It’s supposed to be in the high 80s at the height of each day. I want to wear skorts. Not to skirt the issue but I don’t plan on wearing underwear. Why be redundant in that area? Seriously!
So, I needed to shop around for a decent skort that wouldn’t gouge my wallet. There was no way I was spending $55 for a glorified skirt with built-in bike shorts. I finally found one in…get this…black with hot pink trim. Pleated. Perfect.

Then it was a quick trip to pick up my contacts. I prayed Dr. John wasn’t in the office. I knew he would want to check the orbital fit if he was (being a new prescription and all). Luckily, he was nowhere in sight! Dr. John, I love you but I really don’t need your fingers in my eyes right now.

Then home. Here’s where things really got crazy. I hadn’t packed a thing. I hadn’t added the new donor names to my sweep bag. I hadn’t added the honor/memory names to my shirt. I hadn’t painted my toenails hot pink. I hadn’t found my glide or bug gunk. I hadn’t decided on an outfit for Saturday night. I hadn’t packed my cowboy hat. I hadn’t printed out the route map or found my health insurance card. I hadn’t sent in my last donation (yay B., you fukcing rock)!

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