The Real Rant

Back when I had just one blog it was all about the run. I was training for a 13.1 mile Team in Training (Leukemia and Lymphoma Society) charity event. I was Not a runner. I was Not a fund raiser. But, there I was – trying to be both at the same time (run 13.1 miles and raise $3,000 by myself). I did a lot of bitching and moaning and complaining on the lunacy LunaSea side. That was my place to let it all hang out and let it out, I did. I talked about everything from stingy friends and generous strangers to frozen snot and a crotch rash I got from wearing the wrong underwear on a particularly long run. I cried and laughed and howled at the moon on that blog. That blog really was the sweet release for all that ailed me. And there was a lot to write about. Then I started the book challenge and needed a place for book reviews. Soon LunaSea was all about book reviews. LunaSea lost her identity when she was more about books than bad run days. I was sharing more about literature than injured ligaments. In order to separate the two worlds I created this side, Just Cause I Can, named after my favorite charity Just ‘Cause. I wasn’t running as much, but I needed a place to vent. But, I book reviewed more often than I run ranted.
I realize now that Lunasea should have stayed looney; should have stayed the place for those insane moments. I should have kept the psychotic breaks on that side of the blog. Ah well. It reminds me of 10,000 Maniacs. They chose they name because of a low budget horror film called 2,000 Maniacs. They realized the name didn’t fit them after they solidified their sound but by then it was too late. They were stars with the mismatched name.

Why all this time talking about a blog name that doesn’t fit it’s content? The real reason is the rant is back. I want to write again. Part of my recovery is going back to the time I loved, retracing my steps to my healthier days and picking up what I lost along the way. So, writing, running, cooking, knitting, music, road trips. I want them back. All of them. The reading will have to stay on the LunaSea side. Right where it doesn’t belong. And the real rant? It stays here.

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