Tribute to Endings

With the Just ‘Cause walk mere weeks away and this being the last week of active fund raising I feel as though we are on the verge of a consenting closure. We agree to quit.
With classes finished and graduation just around the corner it feels as though the town is getting ready to roll up the sidewalks. The house lights are coming up and the musicians are packing it in. It’s time to go home. I’ll remain in the ghost town of my choosing.
But, back to Just ‘Cause for just one moment. I have one last real weekend of real walking. J & I plan to put in 14 miles on Sunday. It’s the most I will have walked in one day all winter, and all spring come to think of it. But, even that feels like closure to me. After Sunday I will concentrate on packing, parking the self-doubt and priming my psyche to be around a lot of women nonstop for three long days.

At the end of the month I will say goodbye to my cousin. I have spent the past five months talking to him within the rhythm of my footsteps. Night after night while I walked the miles I talked to him and heard him answer me. I only hope I have the grace, the composure, the strength to stand in front of his lovers and haters and remember him well. His will be a musical memorial and for that I am grateful. He is, after all, my last king of May.

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