Reality Check

The women of Just ‘Cause are smart, smart, smart. Just when everyone is starting to taper off their training, starting to lose hope with certain donations, getting tired of hawking the walk ad nauseam; just when everyone is starting to get just plain tired the women of Just ‘Cause plan a walker meeting.

Training: I have walked 513 miles (so far) for Just ‘Cause this year. I am embarrassed to say I have NOT done the prerequisite 15-15-15 that needs to happen two weeks before The Walk. That would be 15 miles a day for three sequential days at least two weeks before May 18th. Are you doing the math? Either this weekend or next needs to see some big numbers. I’ve done one day of 14. That’s it. I’m getting sick of my treadmill, getting sick of my college campus, getting sick of looking down at the pedometer that has been attached to my hip since January. And physical therapy? Forget about it. Haven’t done a single exercise this year. Not a one.

Fund raising: Where do I begin about the fund raising? I would rather have some good old fashioned honesty in the words of “I just can’t afford it” than hear “I want to donate this year. I plan on sending you something. What a great cause! I’ll contribute.” Pure bullsh!t. Have the stand-up character to say I’m proud of what you are doing and leave it at that if that is all you intend to do. Seriously. I know of no less than nine people who fed me lies. I get angry. Not because I want to have a longer donation page. Not because I want to bring in more money than the next walker. No. It’s not that simple. I know that a five dollar donation gives a woman with breast cancer another minute of consultation, another minute of therapy, another minute of hope. Because 100% goes towards these things every single penny helps. Someone’s promise of a donation fills me with the hope of comfort for a woman fighting this disease. When the promise is empty the hope is deflated. I can’t explain it any other way.

We had a walker meeting the other night. As the room filled with friends and foreign faces I remembered what I had previously forgot. We are strong women (okay, we are strong women and men – there are three guys walking this year). We are making a difference. We are here for a reason and it’s a damn good one. Every woman involved in Just ‘Cause has said it has changed her life. I agree. As I picked up my walker shirt and signed up for salmon on Saturday night I had my aha moment. It’s about fighting the good fight. It’s about celebrating life no matter how short. It’s about making the journey sweet.

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