Ever have one of those days when you wish you could go back to bed, sleep for eight or nine hours, and wake up on a different day. Not the same day, but a completely utter different day? I would like my weekend back. The entire thing. Better yet, let’s go back to Friday night when work is done for the day. The meal has been cooked and eaten and there is nothing left to do but hang out. Be broccoli, as Vivian liked to say.
Seriously, I would like a mulligan for not just today. But, today was the worst. Woke up the sound of the sump pump going off. Odd. Odd because it hasn’t been raining. Odd because it hasn’t been snowing. Nothing has been melting or dripping or anything. Kisa and I, we listened. There is was again. A short burst of motor grind from the depths of the basement. Definitely the sump, but why? Weird.
Kisa got up to investigate while I planned to snuggle back under the covers. Today was my day to work late. I could spare a few more minutes pretending to sleep. Not for long, though. I heard Kisa swear and swear again. That was my cue to spring into action with a resounding, “what’s wrong?” His growled “nothing” prompted me to practically trip down the stairs in my haste to confirm “nothing.”
For the second time the basement was flooded. From the inside out. This time the cat boxes were practically floating in the far reaching muck. This time the water seeped into the garage and soaked the concrete. The sad thing was I needed to leave Kisa to the cleanup and get to work.

Work was another rewind moment. Another turn back to clock and start fresh. It’s that time of year when everything is frustrating and frustrations are everywhere. All I want to do is go back to bed.

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