Spend a Little

I sat down and wrote 14 letters. Some were overdue. Some were way before their time. Haphazard in order, careless in calendar, I didn’t really care if some of them should have been written yesterday or others could have waited another month. I had things to say and felt now is the time to say them. Now, regardless of the proper when.

This is how I spent my Presidents Day. Presiding over letters. Dear You. I approached each like a confessional, rich with ritual. If you get one of those 14 letters this is what happened on the other side. I found a picture of you, usually my favorite one. Don’t worry, I didn’t use a too fat or too freaky picture. Even you would agree I found a good picture. In it you look happy. I held this picture and smiled back at you and remembered the where and when of it all. Remembering what we were doing when the picture was taken. The particulars. Next, I found a card or pretty piece of paper that most reminded me of you, one that suited you, was you. Then I thought about what it was I needed to say. No rough draft. No copying. Straight from the heart the very first time. From heart to paper. Pinpointing the exact thing I needed to say, the very thing I needed to say.
Some of you got mere words. Some got short sentences. Still others got longer lines. It all depended on where we were in the conversation before we said goodbye. When we last said hello.

You see, I’m in practice. Steeling myself for the time I tell my cousin goodbye.

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