Where Was I?

Hands down, this is my busiest time of year. Staff reviews, cookies and more cookies, end of year reports, greeting cards, budget rewrites, deflecting family stress like Wonder Woman, finagling time with friends, wrangling the cats, catering to a (sick) husband, wrapping presents, unwrapping holiday decorations, untangling miles of lights, winterizing Hilltop (and now Bat), cooking, shopping, trying to stay faithful to the treadmill…It doesn’t help that I have a bunch of “annuals” coming up. Under the hood, onco, breast squisher, arm pricking, strapping on….ooh that sounds more scandalous than it really is. The list goes on and on.

This last weekend we managed to squeeze in sushi, a movie out, lego fest, a full Thanksgiving dinner (complete with sour cream apple pie), holiday decorating, a birthday party and a movie in… and to think the family wasn’t even here 48 hours. When the last of them had driven away and we had the house to ourselves every room seemed huge and silent. Kisa sat mute on the couch. Captain America and crew had left the building taking every noise with them. I didn’t know what to feel. It was like I didn’t know where I was. The cats stood in front of me asking, “now what?”

Now what is this – a holiday party with Kisa’s side of the family. I’m to bring the appetizers (something other than shrimp). Now the sister is calling saying “Christmas before or after Christmas at my house. You are welcome.” Who does that? She does. I don’t remember saying Thanks. Not even at Thanksgiving. Should I stay or should I go? Be the good daughter? Or stay and be my bad, self-destructive self? I would consult me but moi would like nothing better than to hide under the covers and will it all away.

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