Here Be Gold

I’m not really in the mood to write and yet I must say something. It has been that kind of week. Bothers like flies buzz around my head. “My” runner might have been hit by a car a few days ago. When I heard the news on the radio I instantly thought of the runner I had seen everyday, nameless but certainly not faceless. My mind scrambled to think, when did I see him last? I can’t remember. Ever since the freak snow storm I had been taking the highway to work. I wanted the give the tree guys and electrical companies room to restore normalcy to our town. But, “my” runner! Is it him now in a hospital room? Critical condition. Hit while passing a driveway. How many times has that nearly happened to me? Too many to count. I don’t know if it’s the same guy, but I can’t stop thinking it is. Strange, I worry about someone I don’t even know.

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3 thoughts on “Here Be Gold

  1. a 12 year old girl here in tampa got hit this past saturday while out training for her first half marathon with her mom. she was thrown 70 feet from the force of the impact and remains in critical condition. i don’t know her or her family, but she is part of my “runner family” and it’s devastating to me! i can’t imagine the horror felt by the mother watching things unfold right before her eyes. what if that was me and sab? what if MY little girl got hit while out training with me? whether it’s your runner or not, it’s somebody’s runner and i’ll keep him in my thoughts and prayers along with mikayla. it’s a dangerous road out there. please be safe!

  2. Very scary. Don’t feel bad about worrying about a stranger…I do it all the time.

  3. Makes me love my treadmill even more…

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