Contesting Conditions

I ran. Well, to the average runner I jogged. To the elite runner I walked. Either way I got off my azz and got on the gerbil wheel. Praise be!

So, here’s the deal. MRI – mostly normal. I seemed to have murdered a very small part of my brain, but not enough to be all that worrisome. It sorta, kinda explains the memory loss. Echogram – mostly normal. I have a double murmur caused by a leaky, faulty valve. Hey, no one is perfect! But, most importantly it’s nothing to update the will about. I’m just not allowed to induce “fight or flight” with my heart on purpose (figure that one out). Basically it means those ride signs that don’t allow pregnant women or those with a heart condition pertain to me. No cliff diving for me next June, I guess.

In terms of running, this is the final word: I am to wear a heart monitor at all times. I need to keep my heart on the lower end of the targeted maximum heart rate. I must take ample time to warm up AND cool down. But, this is what I heard: Wear a heart monitor AND keep your ipod volume low enough to hear it when it starts screaming at me to slow down AND I need to actually look at the monitor from time to time, AND in order to go for a 30 minute run I need to set aside 45 minutes. Sigh. I hate rules.

Oddly enough I’m okay with all that if it means I can run again. “Run” being the loosely interpreted verb. Last night I gerbilled out for 40 minutes and went three painfully slow miles. Walked ten minutes, “ran” a 12 minute mile for 20 minutes and walked again for five. And you know what? It was awesome. Awesome and amazing. No pain. Anywhere.

I have a goal – run the Hot Chocolate. From start to finish.

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7 thoughts on “Contesting Conditions

  1. you’ll reach that goal no doubt! think you can find a jingle bell kind of run to do while i’m there? might even be able to get sab to do it too thought the cold might make her retreat! would be fun for the three of us though.

  2. Damn the children! I forgot I will be out of town doing kid things the day of HC! 😦

    Give me your dates (again) and I’ll do some digging. A jingle bell thing would be awesome!

  3. dec 23-30. sab hasn’t started running again really so maybe she and my mom can come be our cheerleaders 🙂

  4. kid things?

  5. A & S are coming to town for a Lego event…that same weekend !

  6. sarah

    oops…i was thinking they were different weekends.

    have fun with A and S though 🙂

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