Thanks for Nothing

The Kisa and I try to spread our time evenly between our families, especially when it comes to the holidays. It isn’t always easy. His are within a short distance and mine are a trek away. Out of laziness we spend more time here than there. But, like I said, we try to be fair. This year we are supposed to spend Thanksgiving and Christmas in Maine. Not a big deal considering we haven’t been way up north in over two years. My memory is hazy; I don’t remember where we spent Thanksgiving three years ago. Must not have been all that thankful but I’m sure it was in Maine.

So anyway. I thought the Maine contingency would be happy we would be making our way to them this year. We told them earlier enough for plans to be made. Not so. Sister has decided to accept another invitation and mother can’t decide what she wants to do. Full of “we’ll see.” No one seemed excited to be together. Enthusiasm at an all time low.

I realize the family is going through some incredibly tough times right now and it’s hard to thank anyone for anything, but this should be a time for family. A time to be together. Rally the troops and circle the wagons, so to speak. A time to be strong for one another. “My back is sturdy and strong. Trouble me,” as Natalie would say. Instead, we are disintegrating. Falling apart. The heart doesn’t grow fonder with the distance. Instead it becomes dulled and indifferent. Avert the eyes and silence the soul. Fear not, for soon it will become easier and easier not to care, to just walk away. It will be simple to say thanks for nothing.

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8 thoughts on “Thanks for Nothing

  1. please don’t leave me alone with “them” for christmas! i need you as support!

    • The way things have going I would rather protect you from your “them” than placate my “them.” Anytime.

  2. This post was bleak. Luckily, I dig bleak.

    I also really enjoyed that last paragraph. Perhaps not the traditional way to inspire someone but effective, none the less.

  3. the holidays are a lot of pressure. maybe this year would be a good time for just you and your husband to be together. or would that be opening a bigger can of worms for the families?

    • I would be okay with that for xmas (see my comment to Bec), but I was really hoping to be with family for T-Day… sigh

  4. Ruby Tues

    Maybe you simple need to create your own unique way of giving thanks. After all, it is is never about the food or the location or the exact timing of the act. We get wrapped up in those details by lableling them as “tradition”, but those details are not what really matters. What truly matters are the people we care about. So, have Thanksgiving cocktails at a local bar, or eat a Thanksgiving meal of hamburgers and fries at a Denny’s on a Sunday. Throw caution and tradition to the wind and give thanks with the people you want to spend time with, regardless of the exact time, food or location.

    • When it comes down to Who, What, When, Where & Why, location shouldn’t matter but it does. It happens to dictate the Who part very much . Maine means MY family, MY friends. We would love to have Thanksgiving at the Great Lost Bear or Carina, if we could. “Give thanks with the people you want to spend time with” as you say…but what if the people we want to spend time with aren’t on the same page? That’s where the thanks for nothing comes in.

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