Major Screw Up

There are certain times in my life when I want to give up this so-called friend thing. Too much work, too many let-downs, too much miscommunication. It frustrates me to always be doing something wrong, something disappointing, some kind of screw up. Maybe there is a sort of selfishness going on. Maybe it’s all about you and maybe we’re too sensitive. I don’t know. There is a saying, “lower your expectations and you can’t be disappointed.” I say lower your expectations so far down that anything I do is a surprise. Don’t count on me for anything. Ever again. I can’t make a liar out of you if you don’t make me keep promises.

So, obviously I fukced up with someone. In my mind, in my grand scheme of things it wasn’t a big deal. No one got hurt, lost money or gained an ulcer. Yet, it was called a major screw up. Not in my book but we don’t read from the same page. Obviously. Here’s what I would consider a major screw up:

We arrived on Monhegan full of relief. It’s always a good thing when you and your supplies get there in one piece. Plants, food, clothes, gas, equipment. Five big boxes. We made it. We were just loading the truck when a man asked me which way to the Bay Meadow cottage. Bay Meadow cottage? I looked with question at my companions. Is someone getting fancy renaming the houses again? That was my first thought because that’s the trend these days. Take a house previously named for a family and suddenly decide to call it “Fair Winds” or something silly. So. Back to Bay Meadow. The look on my face caused the questioning man to ask, “are we on the wrong island?” I thought he was kidding. No one hops on a ferry headed for an island ten miles out to sea on a whim. Surely, the boat office would have confirmed a reservation? The man wanders away to consult his confused wife.

Ten minutes later and all of our baggage was loaded and ready to go. The lost man and his wife are now rifling through a folder of full of maps and brochures and stray print-outs. Yes, he confirms. They were on the wrong island. Completely. They headed south when they were scheduled to head north. Somehow they ended up where they were supposed to be four days from now. Every reservation had to be consulted and canceled. The wife went looking for a phone. They had 30 minutes to sort it all out before the boat left again. The question remained – would they go back with it or stay on the island of their mistake? I suggested staying. “You’re here now. You should see if you can swap your destinations.”

I have no idea what happened to the couple. The confused travelers were never seen again. I can only hope they enjoyed their stay…wherever it was.

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