Know When to Fold

Two nights ago I tried for a run. The weather was cooperating and I don’t know, I just felt like it. I was looking forward to a cool dip in the pool post gerbil cage.

Considering all the health “issues” I promised myself it would be an easy one. No speedy mouse for me. I would maintain a pace worth my breath. Talk and run at the same time. Piece of cake. And it was. The run itself was awesome. 3.8 miles to clear my head, move my feet. From the window I watched Kisa mow the lawn. 40 minutes and done.

The dip in the pool was gentle. I didn’t actually go all the way in. Just sat on the middle step and chatted with Kisa. The middle step gets my shorts wet up to my hips. It’s nothing drastic. Nothing shocking. After that I dried off and started dinner. That was the beginning of the end of business as usual.

I replay what happened next over and over. Dissecting what happened first versus what happened next and last. I’ve search for clues, signs of trouble and simply cannot figure it out. I was shelling edamame , pushing the green orbs through their furry casings. I think I was humming “Stockton Gala Days.” I can’t be sure. Like a trickle of water from a hairline crack I started to feel sweaty and clammy and fuzzy. Not dizzy. Definitely not dizzy. But, there was a slow building of noise in my head, my eyes started to blur and it was getting oh so hot. Kisa said something about being “right back” and I could only nod. His voice was a million miles away and my tongue was a million miles wide. There was no sense responding.

I knew I was blacking out. I just didn’t know why. Here’s what I do know. I’m not taking another gerbil step until all this #^$ is sorted out. The End.

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2 thoughts on “Know When to Fold

  1. please please please be careful! i want updates as soon as know something. anything. you have me so worried!

  2. I know. I scare myself. I go on BP meds next month 😦

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