Hand Me My Wine

One of the best things about summer is the concerts at the Bennett Farm. Everything about the night is awesome. Definitely one of my favorite events of the summer. It’s a memorable experience. From where it is to how it sounds, to who’s there and everything in between. Seriously, the people you meet. The vibe. Hanging out. It’s magical.
This year’s first event in July featured Kim Klim, Matt Cusson & of course, Rebecca Correia.

A visiting friend...

Kisa and I got there early enough to set up two lawn chairs (second row, center. My favorite spot), crack open a couple of beverages, and chat with friends we haven’t seen since the last Bennett Farm show. While Kisa set up the tent for an overnight crash I was visited by flighty friends. Since I consider dragonflies good luck they were welcome guests. An omen of sorts for a great night.

The crowd is filling in

One of the coolest things about the concert series at the Bennett Farm is the vibe. I mentioned that before. Children run all over the place giggling. Adults pour wine and sample snacks from coolers. Food like cheese and crackers and chocolate covered strawberries are shared among neighbors. Horses can be heard in the background. Laughter and chatter is in the air. It’s casual. As twilight falls out come the fireflies, the lights, and the musicians.

Nothing but music

Every year the concert gets a little bigger. Last year there were little twinkle lights in the bushes and wide screens to showcase the artists. This year the light show was even bigger, the stage more elaborate. And it came with a few laughs as well. Matt Cusson is a closet comedienne.  In addition to having a great voice he’s really funny. Kim Klim’s set was really sweet. Her songwriting is amazing. I ended up buying a cd because I wanted to hear more. she could have sang all night. But, then there’s Rebecca. Highlights to Rebecca’s set were new songs and different arrangements on old songs. ‘Gin’ has a new flirtiness to it. I loved the accompanying keyboards and percussion to some of the other songs (like ‘Bring on the Rain’); the solo-ness of others. And did I mention the tequila? No? Probably better that way.

At the end of the month there is another Bennett Farm concert. Rebecca hosts Mieka Pauley and Kevin So on August 26th. It promises to be a great time. I can’t wait to say “Hand me my wine!”

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