These Are the Roses

We don’t get out much, the kisa and I. Every since the robbery we have been sort of mentally mired in staying put. It’s as if we have bungee cords around our waists that stretch out just far enough to allow us to go to work, the grocery store and back again and that’s it. However far away we go we make it a point to bounce back to Hilltop as quickly as possible. Our reality snaps back into place when we are finally, finally able to disarm the alarm, step through the door and see that nothing is out of place. Nothing gone. Nothing wrong.

It has taken us weeks but the bugee is losing it’s spring and we are finally bouncing back a little slower. The urgency with which we usually speed home has diminished enough for us to enjoy our time away. Our time in Eden. We went to Mohegan Sun to see 10,000 Maniacs last week. As proof we left home early enough we could browse the shops, enjoy a leisurely dinner at Mr. Buffett’s house (complete with drinks and dessert) and still get to the “Den” early enough for a decent seat (riser, stage right). Not once did I look at the time to do the typical math: if we left now we would walk in the door at What Time? 10pm?…Not once did I ask Kisa if the cops called – compared to our very first night away when I was constantly questioning if anyone had set off the alarm. I even felt comfortable enough to order a second boozy beverage, something called Ginger Tea. And, strangely enough, I completely forgot about everything else as soon as 10,000 Maniacs came on stage.

When I saw the horn section I told Kisa, “they’ll start with Candy.” He stared at me in amazement when I was right. I told the couple sitting with us, “just because I’ve never seen the Maniacs doesn’t mean I don’t know the Maniacs.” I don’t know why I felt the need to explain my virginity, the earlier statement of ‘This Is My First Time.’ Throughout the show I made faces at kisa. Surprise when I heard Can’t Ignore the Train, an older song. Disappointment when I thought Mary should have been angrier during What’s the Matter Here. Chagrin when they played Peace Train. Embarrassment when Steven stuck his tongue out at us. Sheer pleasure when These Are Days started up. Steven wanted us to sing along. Screw that! I wanted to dance! It took a little maneuvering to get out of my chair but there was no way I was sitting down for my all time favorite Maniac song. A handful of women of varying ages all in varying stages of drunk danced with me. I didn’t care. If anything I wanted more room to spin.


The night was over way too quick. Never once did I compare Mary’s voice to Natalie’s. Never once did I think I was listening to a second rate, second best cover band. Never once did I second guess standing in line to meet the band. Shake their hands. Stand starstruck. Tell them I loved their music. Love them still.

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2 thoughts on “These Are the Roses

  1. sarah

    I’m glad you both are feeling better about being away from home.

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