Extremely Punctual

Things happen for a reason. I have a solid belief in that. I got into a car accident and because of that collision the pool got fixed. It’s a long story but that’s the way I need to look at things. Because it’s the way things look at me.

When we were robbed I thought it was a gentle theft. Nothing of sentimental value was stolen. Silly me for staking a claim on material objects but that’s how I am. In the kitchen my fingers linger on a hand fired bowl. A green frog climbs the design nearly getting out. I love this bowl and am glad it’s still here. In the living room my eyes fall upon a Wyeth self portrait. Dr. Syn sits stately and dead. I love this art and can’t imagine it gone. In the bedroom I peer through a solid crystal paperweight. Turtles swim up up through the prisms suspended in magic. I just got this gift and would hate to lose it.
So many things to attach myself to. So many things to miss. Only –  I did discover something of importance lost. A hand crafted, one of a kind necklace. A gift for my 40th birthday from my family afar. Such an odd thing to steal. A stone on a chain. It’s probably the chain they were after. Heartsick, I don’t care the reason. I don’t care to think of it belonging anywhere but with me.

Things happen for a reason. This reason is right on time. I met with the artist who crafted the first necklace. “Bring me a stone of your choice. I’ll make you a new one.” Music to my ears.

I’ll have Monhegan in mind as I sort and sift through my collection. Maybe you can help me make a choice? Stay tuned for pics.

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