Lights, Cameras, Actions

This weekend marked Kisa’s last year as a man in his thirties. Now he’s a woman. Just kidding! We celebrated in style complete with lights, cameras & even a little action. A four day weekend full of food, shopping, lounging in the pool, killing small rodents and general mayhem.

In all actuality it was really Hilltop’s birthday. She got all the presents. For starters a new door! How quick those Home Depot people are, really! They could actually save my vacation. What else did Hilltop get? Inside: audio security so that if a glass breaks anywhere, be it a pane of glass or one of the cats being a pain in the azz, the alarm goes off. Which ultimately means Kisa and I can’t throw wine glasses at one another. Darn. More inside: outlets with programmable timers. For some reason it wasn’t good enough to time an appliance. We need our outlets to be in our complete control. Freaks that we are. More presents – Inside: better motion sensor control. Don’t move or my house will scream. Literally.
We didn’t stop there. Hilltop got some outside presents, as well. Motion sensor lights for both the front and back of the house. Okay, so the back is obnoxious with it’s cop-bright spotlight but as Kisa claims, “It’ll get the point across.” True. The ones in front are a little more gentle in nature. A little more, “hey, let me light your way up those steps.” Inspired by Jones & Cassidy’s second family we also bought those snazzy solar lights to line the driveway. I have no excuses for running over the shrubbery now. But, wait! There’s one more present. Hilltop’s skirt is getting let out. The gate around the perimeter will be extended to the front of the house. Now I will actually be able to see the gate door when I drive up.
What didn’t Hilltop get? Her wish list included an industrial sized safe and monitoring cameras. Both of those things are next on the list because I’m in love with the idea of cracking codes and spying on the critters, both the ones we adopted and the ones we murder.

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