Candy Kills the Culprit

Little by little, box by box we are piecing our lives back together again. We vacillate between courage and cowardice. Relief and rage. Every time we find a missing anything we uncover a new feeling. Kisa discovered only today that his work bag is missing. Obviously they needed something to carry the defunct laptop in but did they need his prescription glasses or day planner? Really?

Last night was the oddest uncovering. Standing in front of the freezer I was wanting chocolate. The Closer was on and it’s my ritual to sip a bottle of red while I sink my teeth into decadent sweet something. No such luck. The entire BOX (of course, a box) was gone. Instead of getting angry all I could do was giggle. I am confident no one else on my street has such chocolate. I doubt very much anyone in my town has such chocolate. The wrappers are extremely distinct. Bright colored green, orange and fuchsia with not a word in English printed on them. German. You can’t buy this in the U.S. The candy was brought, hand-carried from Germany.

They say these people are homeless. They live in the woods. Could it be possible? Dare I think: find the candy to catch the culprit?

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