Breaking in the Bat, Nat Style

Kisa, The Bat and I went to Jamestown New York this last weekend. If you’re doing the math-miles you know we traveled over seven hours one way to get there. Over hill, over dale. No kidding. Was it worth it? In a word, yes. A resounding yes. First and foremost, the drive was fantastic. As I got to know my new vehicle I couldn’t ask for a better copilot than the Kisa. As soon as we left 01013 we started playing Maniacs music, starting with Hope Chest. No one else would have played librarian nearly as well as Kisa. He would look up obscure things like Manuel Laureano Rodriguez Sanchez and Lilydale and Grace Galloway and read about them out loud to me. Or I would ask, “what did she just say?” “Hold on” he would answer. “Their clarity demands your revenge.”” Oh. That’s not what I heard.
No one would have played chef as well as Kisa. He would serve up spicy chili mangoes and croissants and iced coffee. And what better way to break in a new vehicle than to take it on the Southern Tier Highway for miles and miles? The countryside was beautiful, farmy and green. The sun shone like a blessing. We even took a tour into Pennsylvania for a moment. At one point we passed a 46-cycle parade of bikers of all shapes and sizes.
As we neared our destination we talked to Betty. Betty, our in-car gps was courteous. She didn’t interrupt Natalie very often and her directions were spot on. She got us to 14701 with time to spare. I was almost a little sad when we pulled into the hotel parking lot. The drive with Natalie & Kisa was fun.

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