Enter Batman

I name my cars. I don’t know why. People everywhere name things. Things that deserve names (like pets) and things that need names (like streets). Then there are things that well, don’t deserve names like body parts. I guess cars could fall in the latter category. It doesn’t make sense but there it is. Not many will remember Gabriel. Even less would know Ghost. Bug was my last baby. But, she has been replaced by…Batman. I didn’t go for “Batmobile” because, as you can see, this isn’t a vehicle isn’t sporty enough for such a moniker. It is, however, a little menacing, a  little gadgety, and more ready to save me from the world…. or at least the highways of hell. Even the colors match the real Batman’s costume. All that’s missing is the cape.
My Batman is:

  • Black and gray just like the superhero (just check out his tights)
  • Chrome-wheeled and shiny
  • Able to run over small children without disturbing a single glass of wine (kidding!)
  • 4-wheel drive

Batman has for gadgets:

  • Blind spot mirrors
  • Sync technology (look ma! no hands while I make this call!) PS~ we named our navigator voice “Betty.” So far only one person has gotten the joke.
  • Sirius/xm radio
  • Air Conditioning!
  • External temperature gauge
  • Compass (in case I get lost?)
  • low gas alert (visual and sound)
  • usb port (for when I want to work on spreadsheets while driving)
  • ipod docking station (because Natalie and Rebecca aren’t on sirius all the time)
  • locking wet cargo trunk (for my scuba gear)
  • running lights and auto-on/off headlights
  • 4 cup holders (for my four cups of coffee each morning)
  • power moon roof
  • 6-way electric driver seat
  • overhead console
  • keyless entry system
  • Google map turn by turn directions (case I forget my way to work or get lost getting to that swanky wedding at the marina – ahem!).

Escape to MI

I think it’s appropriate that our first trip with Bat involved Monhegan. Very appropriate because being a trip to Monhegan it naturally involved loading a ton of gear: groceries, luggage, dogfood, cooler, hiking stuff. We needed a pallet to load our gear onto the boat. People stared. Typical trip to the island. Bat handled it all just fine. And in style!

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5 thoughts on “Enter Batman

  1. “Able to run over small children without disturbing a single glass of wine (kidding!)” heeheehee. love it. welcome batman!

  2. There is no doubt this vehicle is a step up in the badazz department!! (sorry bug)

  3. Ruby Tues

    I always thought that there was always a certain charm to the quirks and oddities of Gabriel that no other car has really matched … yet … 🙂

  4. Like the fact he had a bent frame due to an accident one snowy night in New Jersey….remember that?

  5. Ruby Tues

    How could I forget! Always an adventure with good ole’ Gabriel 🙂

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