Laugh on Through


I needed permission to post this pic. It’s not mine but I love it. This is typical Just ‘Cause walking. Exuberant and happy. Humble and caring. This is day two – the “woods walk.” Just after lunch, before arriving at the Colonial Inn in Concord.
I wanted to post this for several reasons. The walk is (obviously) still with me. I am wrapping up the thank you phase (almost everyone has gotten some sort of merci from me but I’m still not finished). Soon I’ll move on to smaller, less meaningful things. Like buying a new vehicle, rearranging my office, running small miles (six so far), and spending a lot of time on the road. I see Albany, Danvers, Chautauqua, Rochester, Uncasville, Portland, Liberty, and of course Monhegan in my future. Once all of that is out of the way I want to walk back to The Walk.

I am moving away from silent participant to active contributor and I like it. It was my idea to use the bench photo for the postcards. I helped a creative mind become even craftier for our Saturday night celebration. I offered to thank the volunteers with more than just a note. I’m scheming up ways to make next year an even bigger success. I broke through the mental barriers and came away with a profound sense of self. I know that sounds like psycho-babble bullsh!t, but really, truly something has changed. I’m learning to laugh on through disappointment. Pain isn’t a problem anymore. Heartache is just another word for emotional challenge.

I’m back to running but I’m not afraid to hawk the walk.

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