Final Countdown or the Great Garment Dilemma

Are you as sick of Just’Cause talk as much as I am? Enough talk, let’s walk the walk! I closed the books on fund raising this morning, mailing off a coworker’s spur-of-the-moment, last minute donation. Done, done, done. It’s funny to note until this last gift I had raised the exact same amount last year. To the penny. Weird. Weird to think that without six family donations this year was just as good as last year. I think I have made peace with the “unsupport”.

Over a decadent Mexican dinner the other night a friend asked me, “are you ready for the walk?” and I sputtered. It was difficult to come up with some kind of answer that reflected what I honestly felt. To tell the truth, I don’t really know what it means to be ready. for anything. I’ve walked and talked and walked and talked. And, now. Here it is. Time again. All that’s left is packing, the checking off of lists and the get going. Action speaks louder, or so they say. I think I need to yell. Guess I’m ready.

Here’s what I’m excited about: my clothes! My great garment dilemma. Kisa bought me a pink cowboy hat that not only sparkles…it lights up! I haven’t figured out what day of the walk I will be wearing this thing; all I have to say is it’s really too bad we don’t walk in the dark. And, I’ve decided I don’t have enough days for all the shirts I want to wear. Tradition dictates that I wear my first Just ‘Cause shirt (2009) on the first day, but that’s only after we (all 25 of us) have all walked away from the Healing Garden wearing our 2011 shirts. We go out as a group. Then, I have to wear 2010’s shirt on the 2nd day. See the pattern? But, I have this commitment to wear an alumni shirt from my high school for at least part of the walk. It sux that it’s baby blue. We’re all about the pink on this walk. Then, there’s the shirt we all have to wear on the last leg of the walk. We all come back in as a group. Are you keeping track? I’m up to five shirts. But! But. But, then there’s the best shirt ever. I’m wearing that one on the last day for sure. Probably in the morning. I’ll save it for a surprise and post pics later. Seriously. This shirt rocks. I want to pose wearing it with a certain finger in the air, but I’ll refrain.

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4 thoughts on “Final Countdown or the Great Garment Dilemma

  1. Ruby Tues

    You and your carefully selected assortment of shirts, hats and the like are going to ROCK THE WALK 🙂

  2. Hopefully my attire won’t be covered up by rain gear! *sniff*

  3. i hope the weather holds for you but you need a pink rain slicker just in case. have an amazing walk! xoxo

  4. sarah

    best of luck on your walk! can’t wait to hear all about it 🙂

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