On Impact

I feel like yesterday was my one and only real training walk. When I met my best walking girlfriend she practically bounded out of her house wearing a “life is Good” t-shirt, a humongous smile, and the enthusiasm of a golden retriever. She’s always brimming with energy and joy. That’s why I love her so. She’s a good balance to my quiet, reserved ways. She’s the key instigator, the one who pushes me to be more enthusiastic and have more zest. When asked what’s new I was quick to apologize for being so out of touch and launched into the reasons and regrets. Out came all the fund raising rants; the insecurities of never enough; the discrediting decrees. I expected my friend to deliver one of her silver-lining, bright-side responses. Cheerful as ever. I expected her to say something soothing and simple; demanding I chin-up, too. Instead, she ranted right back. It was if she had been slighted, too. Turns out, she had. My walk is her walk. If I’m having my walk pissed on, so is she. We are in this together.

As the hours wore on and the miles ticked by we babbled about so many different things: work (she quit her job, I dream of quitting mine), family (hers have health issues, so do mine), music (we both can’t get over quirky people with big voices), house-ownership (she’s renovating, I’m contemplating), gardening (she needs a tree down, I need a tree up), running (this walk has stolen both of our runs and we agree walking is so slow!). But, for all our blatherings we always came back to Just ‘Cause. We reminisced about my first walk, how shy I was. JD joked about how I vowed “quits” last year and…just look at me now. Despite feeling chided I couldn’t help laughing. It’s true. For all the trouble who was I to turn away? Just look at all I have gained. This friendship. The very idea of making a difference, no matter how small. The impact on me is not lost. This impact, I simply cannot deny.

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2 thoughts on “On Impact

  1. sarah

    you’ve had a very positive impact on me đŸ™‚

  2. aww, thanks ! *blush*

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