Almost Time


Three time’s the charm. Year one was for Nor. How could I say no? She started out mom’s friend but became my inspiration. Year two was for me because I didn’t really do it the first time all that well. I wanted a mulligan for training. For fund raising. Year three was Just Because I couldn’t say no. Year four will be because I WANT to. I won’t say no.
Once I gave up the idea that I had something to prove on these walks the easier it was for me to be happy about my choices. Live and learn. I now know the abc’s of fund raising:
Ask early, early and often. Ask several different ways.
Branch out beyond your comfort zone. Be willing to talk to strangers about your passion. It’s okay to get emotional about it, too!
Confidence will take you far. This year I asked six new people to donate and donate, they did. I would add a ‘d’ to this mantra:
Don’t be afraid to ask people who said no the previous year. They just might surprise you. I have met my fund raising goal. Am I beating down doors for more? No. Am I going after people who enthusiastically said they would donate but didn’t? No. But! But. But, have I stopped asking completely? Definitely not.
I gave up the idea that family = support. Not entirely so. Sometimes, your best friend down the street shows more understanding than an army of relatives. Sometimes, your husband’s boss writes you a check for $100 while your own boss hands you a $20. At least there’s generosity.
It’s almost time to walk the walk. And, you know what? I can’t wait.

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4 thoughts on “Almost Time

  1. sarah

    ABC’s are so true!

  2. I agree!

  3. have an amazing walk! enjoy every step and know that you are making a difference. xoxo

  4. thanks! 🙂

    ps~ i put SAB’s name on my donor bag – tell her i said thank you!

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