Can’t Care

As I sat at my desk eating a sticky, over sized blueberry muffin laden with calories, carbs and whatnot I suddenly decided “fukc it.” I sat there looking at the blueberry muffin, but really, in truth, I was thinking about my mother.

I am having a hard time admitting this, but my mother doesn’t support my Just ‘Cause walk. When confronted, she might try to tell you differently. Backed up against the wall she might try lies, but consider this: last month she tried to hand me $20 “for gas money” even though my husband was standing right there and he drove. When I said “I’ll put this towards the walk” she actually rolled her eyes. I started to protest but she interrupted with a dismissive wave of a hand. Then, there’s this trip – twice she has said something about not asking certain people for donations. Times are hard. I get it. But, this next incident takes the cake. My uncle said he needed to discuss something with me. He started the conversation by saying, “I got your email…I’m not ignoring you…” and then he launched into a librarian question. In this middle of this mom exclaims loudly, for the entire room to hear, “she’s not hawking that walk, is she?” It shamed me. Embarrassed me. Made me feel like I was selling snake oil, phony fortunes and fake dreams. It gave my uncle (and anyone who might be considering making a donation) permission to roll their eyes and turn away from what I considered so important.

I’m halfway to meeting my fund raising goal and have 21 days left in which to do it. At this point I cannot worry about the naysayers…even if one of them is my own mother.

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2 thoughts on “Can’t Care

  1. sarah

    im sorry about your mom.

    did you post about your walk on facebook? that might get some donations?

    • I’m over it. Writing (and ranting) was what I needed to do. Last night I went home to $225 in donations so that helped!

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