Take it Outside

I have started training for the Just ‘Cause walk in earnest now. I have become serious about making sure I walk a minimum of five-six miles a day. In pedometer language that is 10,000 – 12,000 steps per day. My desk job doesn’t allow for significant mileage between the hours of 7:30am – 5pm so I find myself making up the rest…you guessed it…on the treadmill. I really, really want to walk around the neighborhood for a change of scenery but my hours of gerbil time are between 7-9pm. There is no way I can take it outside. Not yet, at least.
So, last Sunday Kisa and I did the next best thing. Moved the cage. Instead of facing a cayenne pepper red wall I now face a window. I can look down the street and watch the student drivers try their hand at parallel parking (pitifully). I can watch the construction boys with rattling trailers take our corner at high rates of speed (so that’s why the edge of our driveway is so torn up!). I can spy on the nosy neighbors and their comings and goings. (Hey, what goes around…) I watch dog walkers and bike riders. I’m somewhat entertained by where I am not.
In addition I’m warming up to audio books. My very first (and I do mean VERY first) audio book is awesome! I’m listening to The Long Run by Matthew Long. It’s about a New York firefighter who gets hit by a bus during the New York City Transit Authority strike. If simply being hit by a bus wasn’t bad enough Matt had just qualified for the Boston Marathon. Boston! He was four months away from running in it when his accident happened. Doctors didn’t think he would survive his injuries. Matt defied the odds. Doctors didn’t think he would walk again. Matt defied the odds. Doctors didn’t think he would run again…I’m at the part where Matt is proving them wrong yet again. It’s a great motivator while I wimpy walk my five meager miles. Walk I will, but assuredly, when this Just ‘Cause business is all over I will be running again. Then I’ll really take it outside.

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5 thoughts on “Take it Outside

  1. sarah

    that book sounds good

  2. sarah

    when i get discouraged this website reminds me anything is possible

  3. One good link deserves another. Here’s Matt’s page:
    Right now it’s just an ad for his book & appearances but I suspect his foundation, I Will, will find a way onto the site.
    For extra inspiration, search for him on YouTube. Powerful stuff.

    • sarah

      i requested the book from the library 🙂

      • Good! The epilogue had me sobbing…on the treadmill! How embarrassing!

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