Better than Not

Sometimes I work two jobs. Sometimes, three…if for some reason I consider my marriage “work.” Last night it was only two but still, I was left with very little time for a run. I knew I wanted to do something before going to the second job. Something is better than nothing, so they say.

Despite the fact it was beautiful out (temps higher than 40, no precipitation, a little sunshine) I decided to stay Gerbil and run inside. Due to the little heart murmur thing I need to warm up slowly. My plan was turtle out of the gate, cheetah by the finish line. I wanted to run 2 in 20. Two miles, twenty minutes. That seemed near impossible due to my slow-as-molasses start. Every run starts with an 11 minute-mile pace. No matter what. No faster no slower. It’s up to my body to tell me when I can release the floodgates and run faster. Sometimes that time is never. Sometimes it’s four minutes in. This time it was seven. After seven minutes I allowed myself to push me faster until I was running a seven minute mile. Before I knew it the gerbil wheel was telling me I was finished. But. But! But, I did it. 2 in 20.

Best song of the day: Shake Hands with Beef ~ Primus

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2 thoughts on “Better than Not

  1. fabulous! xoxo

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