Laugh or Cry…It’s all the Same

November 21st, 2005

This is my run today. Can you tell who I ran with?
“Life is like a mean machine -> Just another heartache on my list ->Someone broken -> Where you gonna run to now? -> Cuz it’s gonna be aright -> I don’t wanna get walked on -> I would give my life to save you – >you heard of this emotional trickery -> pray just a little when every little thing starts fallin’ to pieces -> light your bright light shine – >try to live a better life ->you will not be forgotten, I will not let you down.” Yes. I ran through the entire Something To Be album. Mr. Thomas with me the whole way. The whole way. 50 minutes straight without one walking step. A father is buried today. My heart breaks today. I think I broke four miles today. I don’t know whether to laugh or cry.

Here and now – a life in parallel: Last night I ran for 45 minutes and managed to squeeze out 4.28 miles. It’s been awhile since I ran over four miles *truly* pain free so this was a huge milestone. But, I celebrated quietly with doing four loads of laundry, grocery shopping and scrubbing the bathroom. Life goes on and if I want this 4.28 miles to be the norm I must treat it as such. Mentally and physically.

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4 thoughts on “Laugh or Cry…It’s all the Same

  1. Well done! Running day for me as well today… but I run after work.
    I’m just back from injury and I’m not feeling too confident. Today I hope to pass the 40min…
    Thanks for your post, it gave me motivation. You can read about my journey on my blog

  2. I hear ya. I guess it’s a mind game. Don’t let the fear take over your run. It took me a long time to figure that out! Good luck with your 40 minutes! I’m rooting for you!

  3. you are and always have been my inspiration and hero. welcome back to the here and now. mentally and physically. xoxo

    • What goes around…you know the rest.
      If I inspired you first then you inspire me always. I confess your passion for what I seemingly left behind has truly inspired me to go back and pick it up. May I never lose courage again!

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