Watching Myself

I graduated from PT last night. It was a very exciting moment when the strength training therapist told me I had “killer quads and hips to match.” It was even more invigorating to learn that my leg length discrepancy has been partially resolved. I’m on my way to becoming beaucoup balanced. Thank you very much.

The other thing that is beyond inspiring is rereading this silly 2005 journal. I love revisiting myself and moi if only to witness the birth of a runner. I had to laugh about my on-going obsession with hills:

“From November 16, 2005 –
Today is an amazing day. Not only did I find a way to cheat at running hills, but I ran through almost all of Away From Here. I found a way to run without meeting a single intimidating, hellish hill. My solution? Just don’t ever leave the hill! Ha! For some reason if you run towards Look PArk and along Bridge Road you never encounter an energy sapping incline.(Don’t let me fool moi. There ARE inclines, just not the ones that make you feel noodle-ish and stupid afterward.) Miss S., you will know the route: behind my house, through town (watch for idiots running the red light), up to Look Park (avoid the mean dog at #32), down Bridge Street (stay off the bike path – too many teenagers smoking and skipping school this time of say), to Chestnut Street and voila! Home! Back where I started. Again, I have no idea what the actual distance is, but I managed to push through “Whenever You’re Around” and “Anyway” and 30 seconds of “Kiss Me Here (reprise)”…so close to finishing the entire album. So friggin’ close. I should have kept going. I realize now I only had a mere 90 seconds left. Lame. I could have done it. I ran out of sidewalk and it started to pour. Pathetic tail-between-my-legs excuses, but true. Next time! But! Still. I ran 36 minutes straight.

Here and now – I had a work-ethic breakdown with a few staff members last night (What part of This Isn’t DisneyLand don’t you understand?) and was a little on the seething side by the time I got home. As soon as I got in the front door, had disarmed Hilltop, and fed the beasts I was reaching for my running shoes. 3.95 in 40 min. Slower today, but still moving away from that 30 minute rut I was in.Best ipod moment: Always On the Run ~ Lenny Kravitz

Here’s what I wish. I wish I could have that wide-eyed excitement over 36 minutes again. I hate how impatient I am – how I can remember running for two hours straight. Every minute under my milestone makes me feel slacker and stupid. I’m constantly comparing my run of today with moi’s run of yesteryear. Why can’t I remember that I’m coming off a huge hurt? I should be celebrating the small stuff. 3.95 miles and no pain. Whatsoever.

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4 thoughts on “Watching Myself

  1. sarah

    congratulations graduate 🙂

  2. Ruby Tues

    Awesome news on the PT!!

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