Blisters Already?

Maybe I should be rethinking my cavalier attitude towards training for the 60 mile walk. Maybe I need an attitude adjustment…again. Get off my high horse and eat some humble ‘YourAzzIsOld’ pie. In between jobs I decided to train for an hour twenty. I was thinking walking for 80 minutes wouldn’t be a big deal. As Lita Ford would say, “it aint no big thing.” I mean, it’s just w a l k i n g! Except it was. After a measly 4.5 miles I got off the treadmill and discovered my feet were burning. LO and behold – hot spots. The start of blisters. Really? Really.
This is not a good sign. Not in the least. I’m training in the same Mizunos I trained in last year. I’m even wearing the same damned socks as last year. Hell, I trained two years in a row with the same exact equipment and now, only now, am I developing blisters after one teensy tiny walk? WTF!

It’s ironic, actually. Before the blister walk I was thinking “gee, I really should get serious about training…and the fund raising.” I handed out a few letters explaining the deal with a ‘yeah-yeah, here I am again’ attitude because these are the people (bless their hearts) who have donated every single year without fail. These are the people who understand that just because cancer isn’t in their personal vocabulary yet…it could be. They get it. They are the ones who know how much cancer has fukced with my life. They get me. They are the ones who tell me their stories – walk for my mother’s aunt who died of breast cancer; walk for my brother, ten years gone…My list of people to honor and walk in memory of grows every year. But, I need to do more. More. Meanwhile, the devil inside speaks in blisters.

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