Ugly Truth

I’m still rereading my old run journal from the half marathon. What surprises me the most is how obsessed I was with the damned hill we used to live on:

November 14, 2005 –
I have faced the ugly truth. We live on a hill. No matter where you go all roads that lead home are UP. I have tried to run my route backwards and guess what? It’s even more of an uphill battle. Literally. I do have good news, though (and it’s not my car insurance). I ran through ‘Whenever You’re Around’ (the happiest song ever written)! According to iShape I ran 2.77 miles today (33 minutes straight). I didn’t think I could run through ‘Paper Moon’ never mind six (yes, six) songs later. I’m still in love with the drum/bass cooperation in ‘Uncomfortable’ and how the guitar bounces from ear to ear in my headphones. I am blessed with warm weather, a friendly neighborhood and decent running shoes. Tonight (tonight!) is the Team Leukemia information session.

Here and now – I had a lot of pent up anger last night. I took it out on kisa when he failed to read a text about an avocado. Clearly, I had lost my mind. The solution? The gerbil cage. 3.5 miles/35 min. Nothing more. nothing less. I still had dinner to make, PT exercises to do, letters to write, a life to live. During the last six minutes kisa came to talk about cable. He knew that I had calmed down enough to converse so I apologized for my crankiness. We talked murder. For once I was glad I didn’t take to the hills for this run. By the time I stepped off the tread my world was back in place. Mental alignment was a success.
Best run song of the night: Viva la Vida by Coldplay

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2 thoughts on “Ugly Truth

  1. lol the ugly truth, we live on a hill! I live in a city that is a big hill and I curse it everyday!
    Sometimes, all a person wants, is some flat terrain!


    • I’ve always wondered what it would be like to run around a big city. I complain about dog poop and cluttered driveways – that must be nothing compared to a city…

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