Forgot My Place

I was supposed to train this weekend. You know, the walk? The 60 mile thing in May? Despite the shin/ankle injury two years ago and the raging blisters from last year I am not worried about the physical portion of this whole charity gig. In reality I’m frantic about the $$ I am supposed to raise, but that’s another story entirely.

So, back to the nonathletic weekend. Something else took my concentration away entirely. Natalie! I wish I could phonetically spell out how Dave Letterman screeches her name because that’s how I’ve been saying it for the last three days (aside from speaking in a pirate voice from time to time). Seriously.

The evening was perfect. Despite the fact we ended up at a diner instead of sushi. Despite the fact my wrap failed to have the proper cheese (I know because goat cheese doesn’t melt like that). Despite the fact the woman in front of me had a weird body odor and the woman behind me could not sing to save her life. Despite all that, it was perfect.
Natalie came out, dressed in black with fishnets and maryjanes; her hair cut in a shorter bob and…blond highlights? That took a little getting used to. From the back I wouldn’t have known her. But, as soon as she opened her mouth, I knew we were in the right place. ‘Land of Nod’ was first. I dared not look at the setlist for fear of expecting something (as it was she didn’t sing ‘Ophelia’). Nothing is worse than looking forward to a particular song only to have it cut from the performance. I know better than to assume.

Highlights of the night: ‘Life is Sweet’ sung right in front of me; making us both emotional. ‘Verdi Cries.’ Was Kisa thinking of our wedding day? I was. ‘Indian Names.’ Didn’t I just get through saying it’s a hard one to perform with a band? But, wait. This was no ordinary band. This was an orchestra. Talented young adults. Amazingly talented. Anything was possible. And of course, ‘MMMM’ complete with hand motions and my tears. I think I’m homesick.

I wanted a night of culture. Symphony and serious. I wanted a night out with the people I adore. I forgot the training, forgot the run. Forgot my place but found magic. It was a night to remember.

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