Detailed Little Devil

In the midst of all my mindless cleaning I came across a jacket I never wear anymore. I’ve never really liked the way it looked on me and was so ready to recycle. Ready until I read Run #2’s blog from the LLS training. Damn me for being so detailed:

Ups and Downs. First the downs (because that’s the way I am), because I want to vent, get it out and move on. I didn’t attend the Team Leukemia/Lymphoma meeting an Agawam. Grrr. My teaching schedule got the better of me when TLL changed to the location and time of the information meeting. Bummer.
The good news is that I can attend a meeting in Northampton later this month. It will require me taking some time off, but I can afford to do that, mentally and physically. Onto the good stuff: the run! I was really happy with Day 1’s run so I asked Kisa (I didn’t call him that back then, though) to drive it, just to measure the distance…drumroll please…2.2 miles! Yay! I never expected it to be a mile, let alone plural! I have no sense of distance so I’m really proud of myself. I let the accomplishment sink in all day while we ran other errands (no pun intended). But, wait! It gets better! Kisa bought me an Adidas running jacket (pink, white and black) and I had the itch to test it out. Armed with ‘Away From Here’ and my new jacket I set out again. It started with a little competitiveness (which I won’t get into) but soon I was alone, running with my thoughts. I’ve discovered I hate the sound of my feet, slapping the pavement. I sound lumbering, ungraceful and heaving (some things never change). I’d rather listen to my life source blood pulsing and ever stronger heartbeat…if anything at all. I’ve taken to running in the leaves to muffle the sound. Dead animals and doo doo be damned! Determined to run longer, I had sirsy to keep me going. I never thought I would say this but Uncomfortable really has become my theme song. Aside from the anger-inducing lyrics I have been fixated on the drums and bass, working together in ominous tandem. I hone into the power of the pulsing and push on. Past the high school and up the hill, I made it through You…and beyond.
2.6 miles. I made it 2.6 miles straight. I made kisa drive me around my route again to determine the totals: 2.6 run/.4 walk/.6 run to equal 3.6 miles covered for tonight. I am proud of myself. For sure.
The next challenge: 3 miles straight. I’m going to ask kisa to loop Bonzo’s Montreaux (I want to call it Gonzo’s Revenge for some reason).

Damn it. Now I can’t get rid of the jacket. Now I’ll never forget where it came from either.

Angry from sitting and seething in a ridiculous meeting I went home and ran 3.74. More on that debacle later.

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