Who Knew You Know

The subject of old coworkers has been cropping up again and again lately. I honestly think some job titles are jinxed; destined to be duds. Then again, sometimes it’s the people in the positions and not the other way around. The job doesn’t dictate the demise. Something else does. It’s that something else I can’t define.

We cleaned out a desk last month of a dearly departed and found years (years!) worth of loose ends, you know – the SomethingShouldHaveBeenDoneWithThis stuff. It was like an archaeological dig. Uncovering crap that should have, could have, would have been taken care of by anyone other than me. We laughed and considered it a wash. I imagined putting on the hip boots and wading through a hoarder’s secret hovel, shovel in hand. “Start all over!” was my command. Really, there was no other way. I’m on Take Three with this task. I’m hoping for success but not banking on it this time around.

Then. Then, there’s this: an unsigned bouquet of flowers arrived today. for me. Guessing from the message it was from an ex. Exco, as I call them. A coworker moved on. I appreciated the sentiment. I was pleasantly surprised by the gesture. I loved the card. What made this so funny was this exco was someone I had written off as long gone, long removed. After all, we had seen the desk. I don’t hold much stock in dead relationships, but this startled me into thinking I was wrong. Maybe every once in awhile I actually do the right thing. Jinxed or not.

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