Push Me

Had my first PT appointment this week. Can I say I’m cautiously optimistic? Can I say I think I might like this new kind of pain? It’s 65 minutes of out-of-my-comfort-zone confrontation:

  • 5 minutes discussing goals for the session – in other words, trying to find five different ways to say, “I want to run” every minute.
  • 30 minutes of deep tissue torture
  • 15 minutes with the heat pack (Note to self: bring a book next time so you don’t almost fall asleep)
  • 10 minutes exercises – ten times, no weight seems a little wuss to me.
  • 5 minutes discussing the session – don’t get me wrong, I appreciate the personal chit chat time, but I’m still trying to tell them, “I. Just. Want. To. Run.”

It’s like having a mental check-in before and after. Much, much different from my previous PT appointments. But, we won’t talk about that place!

Over the weekend I bought a heart rate monitor. I learned that the coughing I experience after a particularly hard run might not be the asthma I chalk it up to be. It might actually be the heart murmur acting up. Who knew! At any rate, I didn’t go for bells and whistles, just something to clock the ticker’s ticking. I don’t like wearing a watch but when I run I feel kinda, well, sporty. I could get used to it. In time it might be my new best friend.

We also bought another stability ball. Don’t laugh, but we bought it for the pump. The pump that came with my original yoga ball went missing about a year after I bought it. That was four years ago. Needless to say the ball is looking a little deflated, a little sad. Since I know for a fact the original pump is m.i.a., never to be seen again, I convinced kisa we needed a new one…and a new ball to go with it. My least fave move involving the stability ball? Push ups!

So, for now I have PT, a heart monitor, and a stability ball to push me in the right direction. Where am I going? I haven’t a clue. I haven’t signed up for anything significant like a race. Yet, I am on my way.

Fave new song: “Rolling in the Deep” ~ Adele

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4 thoughts on “Push Me

  1. let me know when you do sign up for something. maybe i’ll cash in that flight credit and cheer you across the finish. xo

    • I was thinking of a cancer run in April. I’ve run it before. But when the registration came I noticed they changed it to a tricycle (?) race! I’ll keep you posted! xoxox

  2. Ruby Tues

    If I knew you needed a pump for the stability ball … you could have borrowed mine. 🙂

    • We actually bought a ball that is more my size so it all worked out. My feet actually touch the floor now! 😉

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