Water Works

A few weeks ago my office got a steam bath. I was able to turn a difficult situation into a positive by thinking about how clean my office would be now that all the super soaked books and papers and things had been removed. I tried not to think about the Atticus handprint or the Silas squiggle I had to discard. I tried not to care about books warped and ruined before I had a chance to read them. I moved on.

This week I experienced a different kind of soaking. First, it started in the bathroom. Kisa and I had just gotten home from a whirlwind trip to Maine. Visiting the dying is never a fun gig but that’s a whole ‘nother story. The point is, we were tired. Cranky. Glad to be home. Relieved to be back. I was in the bathroom, having a little relief of my own, when the first drip of cold water hit me square in the eye. An icy and startling drop of water. I looked up in time to have another drop land on my cheek. Then another and another. It was raining in the bathroom. Kisa determined it was the dryer vent, heating up the ice on the roof, and having nowhere to go, getting into the window casing. We stocked the window full of towels and prayed for warmer weather.

A day later I was walking laps around my dining room table (don’t ask if you don’t have cats) when I heard a tapping noise coming from the media closet. The sounds was steady like a drum. Inwardly I groaned. It could only be one thing: more water. Sure enough, the media closet was soaked. Cds, books, all the stereo equipment, drenched. Hand printed set lists ran with sharpie ink. Liner notes from tape cassettes (yes, I still have them) were warped and ruined. Whose bright idea was this? A discman sat in a puddle. I could only stare at the destruction in disbelief. Could this really be happening? How? I looked up to see a giant bubble in the ceiling, like a balloon filled with water, ready to burst. It made me laugh for some absurd reason. Was I thinking of Harrison Avenue? Another bubble from another time?

Home owners insurance will cover the window casing in the bathroom, the ceiling in the media closet, and the roof soffit. What it won’t cover is my frustration with this weather. Hilltop wasn’t designed for ice – at least while I want to do laundry!

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6 thoughts on “Water Works

  1. sarah

    Sorry about all the soaking. I’m very done with this weather too.
    Bring on spring!!

  2. Phil didn’t see his shadow…

  3. sarah

    Hopefully his shadow was just shy

  4. Ruby Tues

    This post made me think of the song “Raindrops keep fallin on my head” …

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