Three Times a Lady

It hasn’t officially happened yet but I got the official word last week. Two words. Two little words that mean the world to me. Just. Cause. It’s that time again. Again! Where did the time go? During last year’s training I swore up and down that I wasn’t doing it EVER again. I swore I wouldn’t be a part of it. Not one single part. I would have none of it. Not the training, not the fund raising, not the friend-making, not the walking for three days. Not the the heartache and heartbreak. None of it. Never again. No. No. No. Even during the walk this was my mantra. Just say no. I think it was during miles 100-122 I consoled myself that this would be The Last Time. Just say no, no, no!

And yet. Yet, here I am again. I mentioned Just ‘Cause to my husband. I mentioned The Walk to a dear friend. And here I am trying to figure out how to get out of graduation specifically for Just ‘Cause. I’m as good as signed up already. Signed, sealed and nearly delivered. Have I lost my mind? Am I really planning to do this for a third time? Without a doubt. Three times for this lady.

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4 thoughts on “Three Times a Lady

  1. Ruby Tues

    Seems the walk is more a part of you than you realized … funny how these things just creep silently into our lives and take root 🙂

    • Creep is exactly that. I have to face facts that I am extremely proud of my involvement with Just ‘Cause!

      • sarah

        and you should be proud.
        You’ve done a great job promoting Just ‘Cause!

      • I’m feeling too old for it, though 😦

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