Psycho Kitty

Cassidy and Jones

So, it has been nearly fourteen days since we first adopted the kids. Last Tuesday we took Cassidy to get her staples removed. She handled it as well as could be expected. Minimal yeowling this time around. She still has a bump on her head, though…
Saturday we took them both to meet the Doc. Turns out Jones has an ear infection so the boy gets ear drops (four drops in each ear, twice a day) for the next week. Fun! Fun!

The personalities of Jones and Cassidy are finally emerging. Jones is always hungry. As soon as you go anywhere near the kitchen he is racing to the fridge. He greets you with pitiful cries as if to say, “pleeeease! I’m starving! Help me!” as he winds in and out of your legs threatening to trip you up, purring all the while. We’re not fooled. Doc says he needs to lost a few pounds. He doesn’t like to be held and he isn’t a lap cat…yet. He has snuggled a few times but only on his terms.

Cassidy only likes you when you are laying down. It’s the funniest thing but as soon as we go to bed she’s right there with you, snuggling amidst the blankets. No amount of tossing and turning can deter her from her spot. And she stays all night. She has started this lovefest on the couch, too…as long as you are laying down. As soon as you sit up, or worse, stand her love and affection are gone. She’s behind the chair or in another room before you can blink. Her new spot is on a chair in the dining room.

Jones and Cassidy still don’t like each other. When we first introduced them to each other Cassidy did all the hissing and protesting. Jones just sat there like a stoned hippy. He could care less how much she carried on. Lately, he has developed an interest in Cassidy as a plaything. He wants more interaction than she is willing to give. He’s a little bit of a bully, running after her the way he does.  But I know Cassidy can hold her own. I’ve seen her teeth!

…We just put up the Christmas tree. No drama there…yet.

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