Cacophony of Caterwauling

The day couldn’t go by fast enough. I told anyone who would listen I was leaving at 4:30pm to pick up my babies. At exactly 4:29:58pm, just as a coworker was poking her head in my office door and asking, “I thought you were getting babies?” my phone rang. I smiled and replied, “I am now!”

Once at the shelter I made a beeline for Jones and Cassidy’s cages. Bright blue “Adoption in Process” papers were clipboarded to each cage. Our last name in big letters. Sitting on the floor in front of them I wondered if they were scared, nervous, did they have any idea they would be going home with us? The paperwork took forever. It was hard to ignore the cries of the other shelter animals. I concentrated on scratching Cassidy’s head, being careful to avoid her staples (although that’s probably where she itched the most!). She purred her appreciation. I had hope – we were bonding. Then it was (finally) carrier time. Jones wandered into his carrier like it was a second home. Maholo, dude. Maholo. Cassidy….not so much mellow. Not at all actually. She put up a mad fight. Out came the claws, crying and cussing. There was no easing her in anywhere. The whole way home she voiced her displeasure. At one point she got Jones going and suddenly I was sitting between a cacophony of caterwauling. It was going to be a long night.

Oddly enough, when we got home both Jones and Cassidy came out of their carriers as if they owned their new places. We gave the bold brute Mr. Jones run of the house while Miss Cassidy was confined to the bedroom. Both took in their new surroundings with quiet calm. No crying or hiding or freaking out. Just a curiosity that suited the situation. Cassidy has already eaten and used her litter box and purrs like a motorcycle starting up. She continues to hunger for attention, headbutting at every chance. She likes to sleep in a directors chair with a Mercy Hospital blanket. Jones has already eaten a peacock feather and gotten underfoot. He follows us around everywhere! He has enjoyed the bay window, the rocking chair by the fireplace and even Kisa’s lap for a short time. So far so good.

To be continued…

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