Shopping at the Shelter

Kisa and I are inching towards adoption. To test the waters last weekend we dropped into a pet store under the guise of pricing pig ears and squeaky toys and marrow bones for Bailey. We wandered by bird cages (too noisy), lingered by fish tanks (mandarin fish are for sale!), and strolled by the dog washers (too messy) and realized cats are our companions. No gerbil, mouse, rabbit, snake, lizard, spider or hermit crab can compare. We want a cat.

A few days ago I took the test to another level. I went to a shelter’s website. Perused the pets. Cats. Looking at their faces I knew I needed to bring one home. When Kisa called I came clean. I think I’m ready. Together we went back to the site. Compared notes. Contrasted faces.

This week we took the biggest plunge of all – went to shelter and became pet parents to two, count ’em, TWO lovely faces. HUGE thanks to Chris for helping us find James Jones. Special thanks to Ms. Ruby Tues for her tremendous support and knowing me oh so well.

Miss Cassidy

Meet Mr. Jones

Jones and Cassidy come home tomorrow. Much, much more then. 🙂

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4 thoughts on “Shopping at the Shelter

  1. Ruby Tues

    Love the new names!

  2. sarah

    great job Ruby Tues!
    you helped give both those cats a wonderful home!

  3. You should see me (and Kisa)! We’re running around like two nervous parents!

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