Ring of Truth

If you sat around the ring of fire last Saturday night you were asked to speak the truth. “Pull up a chair and you share”, we all warned. We started with s’mores and the knowledge that for some, this was their first time. Smirgins. As the sky darkened more chairs joined the circle. The fire grew bigger and brighter. We shared and shared. We admitted to loving this life, to loving this circle of people, to missing those not with us. We named names. Some admissions were more profound than others, but the ones who weren’t brought loud and long laughter. (Who here doesn’t know what a woody is? Try explaining to that to someone who remembers the car first, the anatomy as an an afterthought…)
I sat with a glass of wine balanced on my Adirondack chair and leaned back to watch my circle of life. I know a small smile played across my face from time to time. As darkness continued to descend I listened to the voices and identified their laughter without looking. I missed my sister. If she had been there something witty would have been said for sure. What would she have shared? Leaning back and looking up I stared up at the heavens and wanted to play The Game with someone. Instead, I wondered if we weren’t being watched over. I wanted shooting stars along with the snapping sparks. Send me a sign I almost said aloud. I needed to know those not physically with us moved among us in spirit. I know I’m not the only one who ached for signs and signals. Someone set up a gigantic sparkler and asked my mother to make a wish. I caught her eye and she smiled that sad smile that said she knew.
We sat around the Ring of Sharing and spoke the truth. We talked and laughed well into the night. It was the perfect ending to a perfect day.

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